Meg & Josh’s Wedding in Clare Valley

My beautiful childhood friend Megan just recently got married! I knew this was going to be an emotional wedding for me, as this was the first of my close friends to get hitched. It was so hard to believe that my child hood friend, who planned out matching outfits to wear with me on camp, who wrote murder mystery stories with me about our guinea pigs and who worked with me to choreograph dance routines to the Sister Act sound track, was all grown up and getting married!!

I was so happy to be invited to join in on the celebrations for these two love birds. Megan and Josh got married in Clare Valley, South Australia, surrounded by gorgeous trees in shades of Autumn, golden rolling fields and of course vineyards as far as the eye could see!

I made an illustrated portrait of the happy couple to commemorate the day and also took my trusty cameras along… (some film photos still to be developed).

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